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Porsche 944 1984 Porsche engine 2.5 4 cylinder 110wk Original box 5ta + retro Nerd board Turin Nardi Watches Turin Nardi helm Turin 2 front chairs 4 original hoops + 4 original 2 inch spacers Goodyear eagle gt+4 wheels 255/50/16 In 80% of life Bodywork worked from 0 from tin no crashes, no rust, online. Suspension worked The car suffers from overheating. Repairs, water pump, packaging. The engine is assembled Need to import a timing belt Radiator, the one you have works but recommends another one. Oil change box and engine. The car belonged to the Daytona company whose ravine was closed 10 years ago. The car was stored for 8 years, it has a modern plate, you can use the car without any problems with the documents it has. You can start the pre-enrollment procedure to put it in the name of the buyer.

1984 Porsche 944

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