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But let's get to the point, the historical toy technical chip. Ford cht 1.6 engine alcohol about 90 hp With alternator for greater autonomy on the track, Hewland Mk VIII 4 gears exchange, reviewed by the expert Ferreirinha Chassi Tubular, English instrumentation, Smiths contamination, original English Girling brake clamps, rear axle sleeves lo Merlyn same as the original used by Bino, original front, from English Triumph vehicle, steering box Original, from the English Triumph vehicle, revised original Armstrong shock absorbers and leather-coated seats. So enthusiastic if you want it for your collection, a part of national motorsport history, found it. With a history of victories and great results in his life on the tracks. As well as contributing to the training of many riders after retirement of the model. Painted this British Racing Green with all the luggage and it's beautiful like that, it'll go away very fast. Almost as fast as him on the tracks.

1975 Ford Formula

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