Original Armada... minus the tires and fog breakers. Improvements in electrical installation (made new) Holey 4040 carburetor. 6 cylinder engine. IMPECCABLE!!!! SAFETY PIN!!! ready to transfer New electrical installation, new complete donkey, original components, original light key, new steering box, NAFTA pump, water pump, hoses, battery, floating, original cibie optics, horns, taillights, vinyl roof, Sumitomo 295 50 rear covers 15 and front 205 50 15. New stainless steel base moldings without placing originals, complete original interior. Everything electrical works, upholstery of new doors. Chaperia, it was completely peeled to sheet metal, the two baseboards were changed and each of the pertinent arrangements was made, original contact keys, original glass engraving. Each original component was preserved in conditions.

1971 Dodge GTX