Chevy is spotless veneer and paint done throughout. Engine was made again complete 0km! and were placed some improvements mentioned below: Romero lift 7.10 with Romero fixed jumpers Forged pistons, persat subset, flat on block. New clutch Cover and block done to newly rectified, American springs, rectified intake for better flow, Maradona exhaust competition arrow tip for better gas flow, Italian Weber competition carburetor 40 40 (I own purchase invoice and customs) a with import), American Hei distributor electric competition cables Interior is restored with leather, genuine sandrini steering wheel, fuel competition watches, oil, temperature and voltometer, ZF 4 box, competition selector. Power Engine half body oil pump made in usa, aluminum radiator and bronze made new, front train new, engine legs new, electrical installation new, rear Japanese sumitomo covers 295, new brakes, ori suspension cool, original keys. Wiper motor with new brushes need to be installed New trunk carpet new floors

1971 Chevrolet Nova SS