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1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Motor: 400 SmallBlock Box: Synchronous 5 Speeds Long Headers Edelbrock Aluminum Dressing Room Holley carb 4 mouth Clutch in perfect conditions without details. The whole Air Conditioning system is new and working. Disc Brake on 4 Wheels. Upholstery in perfect condition without defects. New board New watch and cluster with original autometer watch. Original car electric glass in perfect condition. Pedals (Accelerator, Brake and Clutch) new in perfect condition. Stops, Reversal mikes, rear and front side mikes, headlights and fog lights NEW in perfect condition. New platinum, the only originals are the front and rear windshield frame. Front grill new without details. Spoiler front and rear. Bullitts type of rims. Paint detail on hood and front bumper. Mirrors ordered to USA, arrive in 3 weeks. Vehicle 730 km since restoration.

1969 Camaro YENKO tribute 5 Speed

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