Body in complete FRP, made by the hand-lay-up process with the use of structural adhesive in the bonding of doors and upper spider Ceiling/columns).
Threaded inserts inserted in the fiber during the lamination process for fixing the polycarbonate parts (Lantern protectors, Headlight protectors, Side Door Windows and rear panel.
Body composed of:
- Front (Nose)
- Front
hood - Central spider (Roof /Columns)
-Firewall closure (03 pieces)
-Doors -Door pockets -Instrument

Bodywork Imported from England and completely corrected irregularities and asymmetries by extremely experienced professionals using 3D scanning.
Vehicle developed by the same engineer as the famous Cobra Newtrack and the same team of technicians from the most diverse areas.
Accompanies chassis design with all details and laser cut files.
Price is for full body and chassis design only!
See photos of a model being assembled by the customer.

1966 Ford GT40 BodyKit