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This car was originally factory manufactured by American Air Products Corp. , from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in the late 1950. The model was known as "Merry Olds" as a show product for Oldsmobile dealerships. It was popular enough among college students and vintage-car collectors that it increased production to sell it to the public. And these cars were licensed for road use. These car replicas appeared in the September 1958 issue of Mechanica Popular Magazine, a copy in photos. Named after a popular 1905 song, 'In my merry Oldsmobile', the Merry Olds was a rebirth of the famous 1901 curvedboard Oldsmobile. Designed as a recreational vehicle, the Merry Olds. It was a close copy of the original Oldsmobile runabout down to the steering wheel, bicycle-type wheels, chain transmission, and brass lights. Merry's engine was a 500cc, 4hp Clinton single-cylinder; it reached a top speed of 35 mph and 60 miles per gallon. Built in factory and not as a car kit, the Merry Olds could be licensed as a motor vehicle. Production continued into the 1960s. Originally sold for $1495.00 in 1958. Nice restored, and runs good, spins, charges, starts and stops like it should. 100% original

1957 Merry Olds 1901 Replica

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