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Selling beautiful classic VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Year 1955 - The Oval Color: Pure Ferrari Red 1600 hp gasoline engine TechnoMechanical - March 2021 SOAT - March 2021 In good mechanical, structural and operational conditions.Information:  Restoration work carried out: 1. Engine: The engine was lowered and its parts were disarmed for Full service maintenance, correction and gearing. Change of caps (0.50) 2 piston change (new) Full ring on all 4 pistons Bruised off the shirts Rectified of backlash Change of guides and valves Full restored carburetor Replacement of Exhausto and Pipes (new) Change of motor steering wheel Change retainer (new) Replacing the engine packaging Coil Change (new) Alta cable change (new) Change spark plugs (new) Belt change (new) Changing hoses (new) Change Gas Copper Tube (new) Oil change (20w50 multigrade- super mobile) Change short fire sheet (thermal and sound insulation - Yumbolon) Cleaning and Painting of all the pieces 2. Transmission: and gearbox, lowering box, transmission and chandeliers, disassembled your parts for Full maintenance service, correction and gearshift. Oil change in the box Packing change. Change retainer (new) Change chandelier dust guard (new) Change guaya of clutch Cleaning and Painting of all the pieces 3. Steering and Suspension: Lowering front suspension and disassembling steering column for Full service maintenance, correction and alterations. Change of rubber steering joint (new) Replacement of Suspension Brackets (new) Getting Aligned & Ready Cleaning and Painting of all the pieces 4. Braking System: Disassembled the whole System disassembled its parts for Full Service maintenance, correction and changes. Brake pump on point Changing of two bells Bands Footwear (new) Change cylinders and suckers (new) Change pipes, bearings, retainers (new) Brake fluid change Cleaning and Painting of all the pieces 5. Electrical system whole system installed new and left in place. Electrical Wiring End to End Change (New) Willard 750 Battery (new) Change of Bornes (new) Swiche parking light (new) Swiche windshield wiper (new) Swiche lights (new) Relay changing lights (new) Directional lever (new) Plate light (new) Fuse box (old model) Directional lights (new) Empi pit and kit for pit Old model (new) 6. Upholstery: all interior and trunk installed new. Roof upholstery, insulation and canvas beige (new) Floor upholstery, insulation and camel carpet (new) Upholstery dove and inner trunk camel carpet (new) Upholstery wallets doors and sides canvas beige (new) Eco leather seats upholstery beige (new) Upholstery Trunk Carpet black (new) Camel rubber protective mats (new) 7. Metalwork: Complete disarm of vehicle, all previous paint and grease stripped, for a full maintenance service, correction and structural alterations. Rusty parts replacement Right door change Full body prep for paint. 8. Painting: Full painting: Interior, exterior, engine, trunk and underneath. Exterior Polyester Painting (Pure Ferrari Red) Exterior Varnish Protocol under floors and fenders Rims in electrostatic paint 9. Fittings: New original parts purchased for 55 model Bumper Bumper Strap (new) Rim covers (pump) (new) Chrome Wide Bowls (new) VW Emblem ( New ) Stripes (new) Doors, trunk cover, engine cover and fender wraps (new) Door and window handles (new) Wiper arms and feathers (new) Side mirrors (new

1955 Volkswagen Beetle

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