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Selling my finished project for personal reasons 1954 CHEVROLET PICK UP 3100 CHEVY FUN CAR V8 engine, automatic transmission Hydraulic steering wheel, power brakes New ORLA USA exhaust, leather seats, new electrical system, reverse camera, new paint, sanded from chassis, Bluetooth sound equipment and new speakers, lights and power windows.

In 1925, Ford was the first of the Big Three to enter the pickup market, but it was Chevrolet that stood tall as Detroit's top truck-seller by the time of World War II. Chevy resumed civilian truck production in August 1945, and really got back to business in May 1947 with its new “Advance Design” pickups. Wider, longer and lower than the prewar leftovers marketed in 1946, the Advance Design models looked thoroughly modern and featured an equally modern “alligator” hood hinged at the rear. Beneath that gator was Chevy's proven 216-cid “Stovebolt” six-cylinder.

1954 Chevrolet 3100

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