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Jeep Willys Camper: • Adapted with model 53 engine with body from 1949. •Custom with deluxe 2 seater front cushioning, and back fold down cushion. •Includes removable and collectable sun and water resistant tent. • 2000 LB Extraction and Recovery Electric Winch (12v connection). • Has 2 ton drag shot with electric adapter for trailer included. • Luxury adapted steering wheel. • Luxury aluminum rims. • Front and rear chrome scout installation. • Functional clock board. • Modification of additional air input "cebu" for higher perfomance. • Classic style respecting the willys origin but customized to taste giving a modern, avant-garde style with a sporty touch. The vehicle is in used condition overcoming the impact of the years and the load of history it includes, behind the symbolism that implies being worthy and owner of a unmatched and invincible Jeep Willys. However, over time, it becomes necessary to bring adjustment and "engine repair and braking system".

1949 Jeep Willys

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