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the Ford Hot Rod Woodie (1932 Look). Recently built, this is a hot car designed for you to enjoy with your friends as it has 4 seats. Okay 2 of your friends can only have 1.50m max or they won't fit... lol But if you prefer to walk with just one more person, the back seats can fight back and the cargo space gets much bigger. Very nice car to run!! Behaved exhausts, 90's V8 Ford mechanics (less vibration), Ford line C4 automatic shift with column drive, adjustable suspension plus for some comfort. "WOOD" carpentry in noble wood built with great care, as in the old days, corvin ceiling as in the old times, and upholstery in REAL leather as in the olden days. Anyway, hard to explain something that needs to be seen up close, it has a lot of cool details.

1932 Wood Ford Hot Rod

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